Who are we ?

Formeret Group manages and operates the Vinci, Cléry and La Rochefoucauld spaces.
The 3 locations bring together 170 rooms from 9 to 200 sqm in the heart of Paris.
A major player in professional room rentals in Paris since 1984, we host daily meetings, seminars, trainings and events.
Business on a human scale, our services are distinguished by the quality of our reception and buildings,
the practicality of the center of Paris and our equipment regularly renewed.
Companies, event agencies, training organizations, public administrations, associations trust us for the organization of their events

What are we offering ?

The Formeret Group does not just rent spaces , but reserves a high quality service for its
We offer 170 daylight rooms gathered in our three locations with remarkable architecture:

  • Vinci : a Louis XV style mansion
  • Cléry : a majestic Eiffel-style canopy
  • La Rochefoucauld : a mansion with a panoramic terrace on the roofs of Paris.

All our rooms are located in the 2nd and 9th district of Paris and easily accessible from Paris train stations and airports.

Our spaces are designed to accommodate training rooms, meeting rooms, press conferences, general meetings, boards of directors, seminars , events …

The modularity of our spaces also allows us to organize trade shows, marketing studies, showrooms, competitions, consumer meetings, film shoots, personal development activities, computer rooms, receptions …

Some numbers

  • Open 365 days/year, 7 days/7, 24 hours/24
  • Rentals for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or 1 year
  • 6 U-shaped rooms of 45 personnes
  • 30 offices from 3 to 6 people divided into 4 separate trays
  • 7 plenary sessions of more than 100 personnes
  • 80 rooms from 10 to 20 people
  • 150 « interactive and connected» rooms with Wi Fi networks and Android touch screens
  • 1 internet connection « Very high speed» of 500 mega privatizable
  • 2 places of receptions for your events