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The Formeret agile method

Published on 06/11/2018

A room is designed to meet the specific needs of the agile method. Designed to meet new
pedagogical requirements, the “agile” room Formeret will allow you to organize without
constraints your sessions of graphic facilitation, simulation, connected collaborative work, agile
management, etc….

The room & its equipment

  • A daylight room + sound system + powerful Wifi
  • A workspace sitting in front of a touch screen at ground level
  • A workspace standing in front of a wall or a wide whiteboard
  • A “Cozy” comfort space for the “melees”

The furniture

  • Lightweight and easily movable furniture
  • Design comfort furniture
  • Nespresso coffee bollard + Snacking
  • Supplies available on site
  • Lego Classic box
  • Post it size A3
  • Post it dispenser of different colors & sizes
  • Scotchs of 5 colours
  • Coloured self adhesive tablets
  • 5 colour bevelled tip markers